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Apply now: 2nd New Flying Competition 2018

03.07.2017Tips and Information

The central element of the competition will be to build a model aircraft with a fully automatic wingspan-extension.

The built model aircraft needs to meet the requirements of the parking position (80m x 80m x 80ft) at the aerodrome's terminal on the one hand and it needs to fulfill the demands of a highly performing and at the same time energy-efficient aircraft on the other hand. If you are interested in taking part in the competition please have a look at the Rules of the New Flying Competition 2018. Afterwards we would be happy to receive your Pre-Registration.

Important annotation:
To officially register your team needs to be PRE-REGISTERED! It ensures easy communication prior to the official registration to answer all your questions!

You can now find the task of the competition and the rules here!

To pre-register your team you can click here! 

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