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Heinze Academy - EASA PART 147 - Successful maintenance and extension audit

12.06.2017Career and Job

In an audit by the German Federal Office of Civil Aeronautics, the Heinze Academy confirms its accreditation as an EASA Part -147 training and testing company for maintenance personnel.

In addition to the approvals for basic courses of the category CAT B1.1 (Aeroplane Turbines) and CAT B2 (Avionic), the Heinze Academy is now also entitled to carry out basic courses and corresponding examinations in the CAT A category.

The Heinze Academy is the only school in Germany which is allowed to train state-certified technicians with a focus on aircraft technology (m / f) including CAT B1.1 as a state-approved technical school and accredited EASA Part -147 company. A CAT B2 Delta training course is also offered to all graduates of this discipline. It helps Heinze students to become versatile and sought-after experts in the areas of MRO and aircraft construction. In combination with the category CAT A entitlement, the retraining as flight mechanics (m / f) including the CAT A basic course will be carried out from November 2017.

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