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Internationalisation Strategy Workshop: Olá Portugal, Oi Brazil!

27.05.2016InternationalNews about Hamburg Aviation

During the second Internationalisation strategy workshop, members of Hamburg Aviation have elaborated two target regions for future cooperation: Evora/Lisboa (Portugal) and San José dos Campos/Sao Paolo (Brazil). In a next step, options for actions will be developed.

As part of the internationalisation strategy of Hamburg Aviation, the cluster members have joined a kickoff meeting as well as two workshops to discuss seven target regions such as big players like Toulouse or Seattle as well as news markets like Rzeszow/Poland. As Montréal/Kanada is already set and has been visited in April with a delegation of members, Evora/Lisboa and San José dos Campos (Brazil) were carved out in the second workshop at TuTech Innovation Center in Hamburg-Harburg. As a result, the cluster has now three regions to focus on.

Precise targets for the target regions

Picking out Evora was based on various convincing aspects. The region near Lisboa, Portugal may be one of the smaller target regions analysed by the members (annual turnover ca. 0,5 Billion Euros). Nevertheless it is - as one of the main supplier regions -  strongly connected to Embraer. In addition, Portugal shows a steady recovery from the european financial crisis during the last years.

San José dos Campos is also tightly connected to Embraer, as the aircraft manufacturer has its main site in the city near Sao Paolo. Although this situation looks like competition, the region still lacks in expertise for aircraft cabins, which is unique in the metropolitan region of Hamburg. Also San José is wide-open in the areas of research and development. Therefore pushing forward to Brazil seems tangible.


As mentioned before, Montréal has already been outlined as a target region. Until 31 August, members are invited to hand in project drafts for future collaboration with Canada.

The results of the workshop will be published soon on

Hamburg Aviation goes International

As part of the "Hightech Strategy" the Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) is funding the internationalisation process of the aviation industry in Hamburg. Hamburg Aviation develops a suiting strategy together with all the cluster members along initialising international missions for connecting members with future cluster partners worldwide.

The internationalisation strategy focuses on intercontinental target regions such as Québec (Canada) and shows feasible options for action. The internationalisation process consists of a conceptional and an implementation phase. The conceptional phase has started in early 2016 and involves the elaboration of a common strategy developed by all Hamburg Aviation cluster members.

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