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Hamburg Airport and Airlines are launching a punctuality campaign

11.05.2016Companies and Organisations

Hamburg Airport has launched a new punctuality campaign, together with Air Berlin, Condor, easyJet, Eurowings/Germanwings and Lufthansa. They signed a catalogue of measures to avoid air traffic noise after 11 pm at Hamburg Airport.

Michael Eggenschwiler, CEO of Hamburg Airport, said: "We and our airline partners are concentrating on letting the last, daily flights scheduled for 11 pm, take off and land on time. That is important to residents in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein."

Fines of up to EUR 10,000

Hamburg Airport's daily working hours are 6 am to 11 pm after which limits on night flights take effect. Delayed flights can only take off and land in certain circumstances before midnight.

If a catalogue of measures presented to Hamburg's senate on April 26 goes ahead, fines of up to EUR 10,000 will be levied on violations of night flight rules. The 16-point plan also foresees higher fees for loud aircraft and narrowing the air corridor in north-east Hamburg. The aircraft noise officer will in future be allowed to act independently of the senate's instructions. The measures come in response to a request from Hamburg Parliament last year.

Parliament to confer soon

The aircraft noise officer, who is located in the Environmental Authority, the Ministry of Economy and Transport, Hamburg Airport and Deutschen Flugsicherung (German Flight Safety) will work on implementing the 16-point plan. The Hamburg City Parliament will debate and pass the agreed catalogue of measures shortly.

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