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European RUE AERO project kicked off

08.03.2016InternationalNews about Hamburg Aviation

On February 16th the RUE AERO (Reaching Up to Excellence in AEROspace Cluster Management) project was successfully kicked off.

Nine clusters of the European Aerospace Cluster Partnership EACP (Hamburg Aviation, Aerospace Valley, HEGAN, PEMAS, Hélice, Niedersachsen Aviation, BBAA, DAC, Pôle Pégase) are involved.

The main objectives of the project are training on cluster excellence, labelling and improvement of technical aspects in the EACP network communication.

Trainings will be organized for EACP members regarding the four fields of interest in the initiative: Strategy, Internationalisation, Technology and Skills. For example, there will be a training to analyze identifying the right target markets with only a limited budget. Those trainings are open to all EACP members and benefits will be shared with everybody in the network.

Over the course of the project, partners will exchange experiences on labelling and benchmarking, be able to learn from best-practice approaches and develop a standardized template to help clusters outside the project consortium to go through the labelling process more easily.

For questions regarding RUE AERO, please contact Anna Maassen, Manager International Affairs (Tel. +49 (0)40 / 2270 19 478 or anna.maassen(at)

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