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E.I.S. Electronics receives ISO 14001:2015 Certification

The picture shows the environmental manager Melanie Finke in front of the company building in Bremerhaven

30.11.2017Companies and Organisations

Environmental Management System for Bremerhaven and Bremen facility implemented only five months after kick-off.

"That was Top-performance of all the team to establish the Environmental Management System that fast - and in parallel to the upgrade of our EN 9100 certification to 2016 revision" compliments Director Burkhard Müller. "The certification not only helps our environment. The standard requires to change the perspectives. Together with the findings of the SPACE Maturity Analysis this helps us tremendously in the development of our company".

E.I.S. Electronics designs and builds electrical wire harness systems for AeroSpace and Defense applications. "In spite of the fact that electrical wiring systems have a rather low profile in the development hierarchy of aircraft the trend towards E.Mobility will lead to a brighter future. We are developing integrated solutions, Bus-systems and concepts for simplifications. The audits of the last months have evidenced a high degree of professionalism. We feel well positioned for the challenges of the future" says Müller.

The company employs some 280 staff in Bremerhaven, Bremen and Kanpur/India. Besides EN 9100 and ISO 14001 it also obtains EASA Part 21G and Part-145 certifications.

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