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EACP: European Skills Hub moving forward

The EACP participants gathered in Oostende

06.02.2014Aviation ServicesInternationalCompanies and Organisations

There are many opportunities for career training and in-service training in European Aviation – and it is very difficult to compare them. An EACP Project initiated by Hamburg Aviation, “European Skills Hub for Aerospace”, has set out to change this. The programme, which started in October 2013, is officially sponsored by the EU within the framework of the “Leonardo da Vinci Partnership”. At the end of January the participating EACP partners from seven nations came together for the second time at Ostend in Belgium to present the contents of their national training courses.

"The career training systems within Europe differ vastly from country to country. But to date there are no transparent criteria making it obvious to everyone what is taught in which country. We often don't even know what practical skills a mechanic from a neighbouring country will have. A great deal of potential is lost to European aviation as a result," says Nadine Sablotny, EACP manager, explaining the background of the initiative, launched by Hamburg's aviation cluster. 

Using the fields of aircraft maintenance and production engineering as a basis, the project partners have chosen two typical career paths - Aeronautical Technician and Turner - as examples, comparing the skills and competencies involved in these qualifications, along with the balance between theory and practice in the training programme, in various European countries. Direct participants in the training programmes also spoke at the two-day workshop, hosted by EACP member Flag in Ostend. "Our list of participants ranged from a vocational college teacher from Bilbao to the Managing Director of Alenia Aermacchi in Naples," says Nadine Sablotny. "Just putting the various systems and standards side-by-side has already given us many definite points to work on and a lot of inspiration to take back to our regional networks."

In June 2014, members of the European Skills Hub will once again meet during the EACP Annual Meeting in İzmir, Turkey. Together with representatives of aviation companies, they will analyse current and future needs in these two job categories. Additionally, joint international modules in training programmes will be identified and/or developed, enabling the transparent comparison of curriculum. In the long-term, aviation centres will be able to initiate company-independent exchange programmes, to better evaluate international applications, and to expand their business abroad more easily. A pilot project for the exchange of specialist personnel is already planned for 2015.

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