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Lufthansa Technik's highlights on the AIX 2017

The new, compact and flexible aft bulkhead provides a maximum of stowage options in the aft gallery in combination with a double lavatory.

A Center Ceiling Stowage (CCS) uses the space available in the center ceiling area.

Single-lane slides from EAM Worldwide are Lufthansa Technik’s solution for cabin configurations with a maximum passenger seating capacity.

The Technik's Induction Cooking Platform begins series production. Rice cooker and toaster modules available for integration.

"Lconnect" by Lufthansa Technik offers high-performance connectivity as a package and equippes eight aircrafts per week.

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Lufthansa Technik and Diehl Aerosystems are presenting a new development in cabin monuments. "Cabin 4.0" relies on state-of-the-art sensor technology. Furthermore the Induction Cooking Platform begins series production and "Lconnect" offers high-performance connectivity as a package.

The company is again showcasing new innovations at the Aircraft Interiors Expo from 4 - 6 April in hall 6, booth 6B80.

Lufthansa Technik presents new cabin monument for Airbus A320 family

By combining the aft galley and an accessibly designed dual lavatory facility in a single cabin element, the two companies have managed to save up to 150 kilograms of weight. At the same time, space is created for a minimum of six additional passenger seats without a change in seat spacing, increasing the capacity of the A320 up to 186 seats.

Thanks to a newly designed video display system, it is possible for the first time to do without the cabin crew seat in the rear part of the cabin, which was previously required to ensure direct view. This expensive, difficult and maintenance-intensive installation can now be omitted completely.

Depending on the selected configuration, the High-Density Solution monument can hold up to nineteen standard container and eight half-size trolleys in the galley area while still offering space for all the usual coffee machines and ovens. USB ports for charging are also installed.

"This product enables a greatly improved utilization of the cabin with just a minimum amount of modification work," highlights Oliver Rodrigues, the sales manager responsible for High-Density Solution in the Aircraft Modification department at Lufthansa Technik. "That's why we are also offering the product in the form of a post-delivery modification right from the start."

Technical business administration specialist Oliver Rodrigues will be at the Lufthansa Technik stand at the Aircraft Interiors Expo. This is also an opportunity to see and thoroughly test High-Density Solution in person.


Digitalization of aircraft cabins: "Cabin 4.0" relies on state-of-the-art sensor technology


Lufthansa Technik AG's "Cabin 4.0" project relies on the use of intelligent automation to simplify procedures in the aircraft cabin for both passengers and flight crews and to offer increased comfort.

For this purpose, tasks that have been performed manually so far will be taken over by state-of-the-art sensors, thus giving flight attendants more time for personal service. With financial support from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), development work inside a real cabin is now set to begin at the ZAL TechCenter in Hamburg-Finkenwerder under the direction of Sven Taubert, Corporate Innovation Manager at Lufthansa Technik.

While digitalization is reaching more and more areas of our lives, its impact on the procedures inside an aircraft cabin has been minimal so far. In almost all passenger cars, for example, a sensor verifies that the trunk is closed properly, but the baggage compartments in an aircraft still have to be checked by the crew.

"We don't just want to replace the traditional reading lamp with LED lighting that can be turned on and off with a smartphone. We want the reading lamp to recognize independently when the passenger opens a magazine. If the passenger then decides to watch a film instead, the same lamp could provide that information via optical transmission," says Sven Taubert to explain the concept. "This increases passenger comfort and, at the same time, relieves the on-board WLAN networks."

In terms of other application examples, the project team is in close contact with the different users in the cabin - from cleaning staff and caterers to flight attendants, technicians and passengers. "To get a better understanding of their needs, we slip into each of these roles ourselves for a while. Currently, we hardly have any data available from inside the cabin. That is why our first step is to take a close look at which cabin-related information is useful enough that it makes sense to collect it automatically. This allows us to gain insights that will lead to the concrete development of new systems and services."

Aerospace engineer Sven Taubert will be at the Lufthansa Technik stand at the Aircraft Interiors Expo.

"And crispy bacon with eggs, please!" Fresh food on board is cleared for takeoff

Series production of Lufthansa Technik's Induction Cooking Platform is now cleared for takeoff. Effective immediately, fresh food can be prepared on board quickly, safely, cleanly and economically. From the perfect fried egg to a sizzling rib-eye steak, the sky's the limit when it comes to cooking on board.

The platform fits into any aircraft galley, with dimensions of just 570 x 269 x 4 millimeters (ARINC size 4 and installation variants) and a weight of just 13.5 kilograms. It is being offered as an all-in-one solution, including power unit, exhaust fan and special cover and locking systems to ensure that pots and pans remain in place even during turbulence.

The option of preparing food freshly on board was a great attraction from the very beginning when it was presented at Aircraft Interiors Expo 2016 as a product idea in conjunction with the Ulm, Germany-based company hs2 engineering GmbH. Interest among VIP customers and commercial airlines was strengthened by the nomination of the solution as a finalist for the Crystal Cabin Award.

Miriam Fontius and Peter Huber, Head of Production at hs2 engineering, will be at the Aircraft Interiors Expo at Lufthansa Technik's stand. This is also an opportunity to see the Induction Cooking Platform in person and sample its "results".


"Lconnect" by Lufthansa Technik offers high-performance connectivity as a package

"Lconnect - Your world of connectivity": Lufthansa Technik is currently equipping eight Airbus A320 aircraft per week with the latest Ka-band technology. Only four days lie between a traditional commercial aircraft and a flying communication center with broadband connectivity.

With only minor work on the aircraft, "Lconnect" integrates all systems in such a way that no major work on the structure will be required for later advances in technology. The systems are thus prepared for future developments in air-to-ground communications, and the design has been optimized so as to require minimum maintenance. They have a strong partner in Lufthansa Systems, which delivers parts of the aircraft's IT infrastructure on the basis of its digital BoardConnect platform.

With 15 years of experience in state-of-the-art connectivity under its belt already, Lufthansa Technik is now able to tailor the equipment of even the largest fleets to the customer's individual requirements in the shortest possible time, have that equipment designed by its engineering department and at the same time prepare the productive realization - all the way to certification - within the company's global network.

Aerospace engineer Lukas Bucher and his team will be at the Lufthansa Technik booth at the Aircraft Interiors Expo.

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