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These were the 1st ZAL Innovation Days

04.12.2017News about Hamburg Aviation

The ZAL Center of Applied Aeronautical Research hold its inaugural "Innovation Days" on 21-22 November 2017. The topics focused on New Ways of Collaboration, Innovative Research Strategies and Future Technologies.

In the world's most recent and advanced aviation research center, two days full of presentations, interactive workshops and guided tours as well as lots of space for breakout sessions, networking and an evening event for even more inspiring exchange were held for the first time. Hosted by APEX media director Maryann Simson the conference addressed an international audience across industries to support a mutual benefit concerning the exchange of innovating concepts.

21 keynotes showed various perspectives on future workspaces, challenges in the aviation industry and the collaboration of research and production. A selection:

Dr. Fassi Kafyeke, Senior Director Strategic Technology and Innovation // Bombardier Aerospace

Kafyeke took the audience on a journey to the beginnings of the Bombardier C Series program, obstacles and chances for his team and the recent developments in Canadian aircraft production.

Dr. Susan Ying, President International Council of Aeronautical Science (ICAS), previous Chief Integration Officer bei COMAC //

Ying outlined the rising complexity in aircraft development and the chances of using the huge amounts of data.

Andrew Anderson CTO Office Airbus //

The hybrid-electric projects from Airbus reach from the Urban Air Taxi to the Civil Aviation. Long development cycles can be an obstacle for this innovation field as digital project are ready for the market much faster than any other projects in the aviation industry. 

Prof. Peter Chivers, Chief Executive Officer UK National Composites Centre //

Chivers presented strategies how innovative research centers like the National Composites Centre or the ZAL TechCenter can overcome the "Valley of Death" between scientific research and market maturity.

Lars Thomsen, Chief Futurist, future matters //

"People and industries often underestimate, what can happen in 10 years", trend researcher Lars Thomsen stated. In times of "hyper innovation" ideas are faster and faster ready to be implemented. AI will soon be find in the cockpit as well as in the drivers seat, that is for sure according to Thomsen. At the moment Future Matters is observing around 730 companies and their development in the innovation sector.

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