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Marketing & Visibility Of Drone Services: 3rd exciting WiNDroVe-Workshop at ZAL

02.11.2017News about Hamburg Aviation

How can the potentials of commercial UAS services and technologies in a city such as Hamburg be marketed and made "visible"!? The workshop participants searched for solutions under this question amongst others.

"The use of drones goes without a saying!" ... Is this really that obvious to all who could benefit from drone services and technologies? And whom are we speaking of specifically with "all"? Which formats are suited for demonstrating the positive sides of commercial UAS and respectively making them experienceable? Who are the multiplicators to get involved in?

In aiming at discussing these questions and generating practical solutions this Workshop #3 took place at ZAL on 27.10.2017 in the course of the BMBF-funded Innovationsforum WiNDroVe. On this day again, many representatives of various organizations from Hamburg and even Berlin and Karlsruhe took part: Producer and service provider, authority and university, trade fair organizer and network association.

To meet on a shared discussion base WiNDroVe partner Drone Industry Insights provided an exclusive Market Screening Paper, i.a. by shedding light on urban UAS use cases. The interesting output will be presented at the WiNDroVe conference alongside the first two workshops' results.

Did we spark your interest? Then get to know WiNDroVe: digitally via our newsletter (sign up here) - or directly and personally at the WiNDroVe Conference on 06. & 07.12.2017 at ZAL TechCenter. Get your free tickets here.

The network is open for all interested in - already or planning on - providing, using and shaping commercial drone applications.

Contact: Christina Große-Möller, ZAL GmbH (040 248 595-121, windrove(at)

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