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Altran on the AIX 2017: Passenger experience and cabin efficiency in focus


On this year's Aircraft Interiors Expo Altran will present its latest developments in the field of cabin design. The exhibition for aviation interior design will take place from the 4th to the 6th of April in Hamburg, Germany.

Altran presents its innovative cabin solutions enabling an improved passenger experience and optimized cabin efficiency. Visitors are shown how a trip can become a unique travel experience. With the help of virtual reality each attendee has the chance to escape the business of the fair and enjoy a virtual walk through New York City instead. Furthermore, the IT experts present their newest devices and ideas and invite to test the new features of the entertainment ecosystem as well as the new IFE-offerings.

Furthermore, Altran presents new offerings in the field of industrial design. By using innovative new technologies such as additive manufacturing and ideas from bionic can be implemented in cabin design and make it possible to benefit from new potentials. The Altran engineers present a new plane seat that has been designed bionically and was made by a 3D printer. Thanks to new engineering ideas it offers passengers a new level of comfort and is easier to handle for the airlines. For example the seat offers an improved armrest and a bracket for mobile devices that makes it easier to enjoy the mobile IFE-program on the flight.

As a further highlight Altran will present the newly developed autonomous cabin trolley. The prototype of a self-driving trolley is able to navigate independently through the gangways of each plane. This innovation is part of the new "Efficient Cabin Operations" strategy which aims to implement sustainable improvements throughout the whole plane cabin. Passengers will be able to order the meals before take-off and will then be served by the new trolley. Furthermore, the new trolley can be used as a snack vending machine or as a mobile waste bin which collects trash on its own. Whereas nowadays the flight crew spends most of the time on distributing food and drinks, the trolley will relieve them from those tasks. Instead the crew members will be able to focus on other tasks such as safety measures or individual service for each passenger.

Those innovative solutions and many more can be seen and tested at stand 6A 80 at the upcoming AIX in Hamburg, Germany.

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