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AIX: Treo presents new measuring system for electromechanical emission


Electric devices on board of aeroplanes are not allowed to do one thing above all: interfere. EMC tests for product certification purposes are supposed to guaranty this. Treo - Laboratory for Environmental Simulation is going to inform about a recently introduced EMI measuring system for electromechanical emission tests from 10 Hz up to 40 GHz on this year's Aircraft Interiors Expo.

With the TDEMI X by Gauss Instruments Treo uses as the first service provider for testing solutions the fastest system in the market at present. In this way, Treo saves its clients valuable time, because of the reduction of the testing time to a fraction of the usually required time. This is not only efficient during the tests in the laboratory, but also during measurements on site at the client. Aside from its speed the measuring system convinces furthermore with additional unique evaluation possibilities for tests during the development process.

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