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AIX: 85 aviation experts at the Hanse Pavilion


The Hanse Pavilion - Stand 6 B 60 in Hall 6 - is hosting a total of 85 companies presenting their products and services over 1600 square meters. Hanse-Aerospace e.V. is therefore the biggest exhibitor at the fair. Another eight members are represented with their own stands. This means that Hanse-Aerospace makes up nearly a fifth of the around 500 exhibitors at the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2014, which is taking place in Hamburg from 8 - 10 April 2014.

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P3 Voith demonstrates innovative cable management system made from Rau-Flight-PA

P3 Voith Aerospace GmbH is presenting a cable management system for the floor area at the AIX 2014. This system is primarily made of the material Rau-Flight PA presented last year at the AIX by Rehau. The extremely light new material gives rise to weight saving potentials of up to 10 percent. The cable guides in the floor area supply seats with audio and video signals. They can be realised over and on the seat tracks with this system. The appearance and feel of the Rau-Flight PA surface is significantly superior to the previously used Polyamide.  New flat models of the seat track covers enable complete laying of the flooring over the covers so that the cable guides can be integrated in the floor and be completely invisible. The system is already qualified for the Airbus A350, but can also be adapted by P3 Voith Aerospace, an EASA-approved developer for all aircraft types.


Kendrion presents fluid technology and electromechanics

You can take a look at magnetic locking systems for doors, lids, etc. based on the "stored energy" principle at the Kendrion Kuhnke Automation stand. These systems use pulse control for opening with minimum power requirements. They do not consume power (in open or closed conditions) and deliver high locking forces in a small and compact design Kendrion Kuhnke Automation is presenting their entire technology portfolio at the AIX 2014 for the first time. Their fields include fluid control, magnetic technology and control/drive technology for applications in the cabin. These are of particular interest to system manufacturers in the sectors of galleys, lavatories, overhead storage, seating or life support. 

Kendrion Kuhnke will also be demonstrating their AirBoard. This solution integrates an electronic control board with a valve unit in one system - an easy to mount, compact alternative to valves on a connection board with separate electronics.


Weight reduction with "Optimfloor" from Sogeclair

AerospaceSogeclair is presenting their floor panel "Optimfloor" at the Hanse Pavilion. Aircraft seats can be directly mounted on these panels. The seat connections and reinforcements integrated in the base panels replace the metallic seat tracks in this innovative concept. A high-strength structure ensures significant weight savings. At the same time, the system minimises time required for installation/removal of seats. The floor panel, acting as a permanent component of the aircraft structure, also contributes to the stiffness of the floor structure. It can be adapted to all aircraft programs. It is also hardly susceptible to corrosion and facilitates the installation (or removal) of passenger seats and other equipment.


Treo presents EMC tests for aviation equipment

There is one thing electrical equipment on board aircraft is not allowed to do: Interfere. EMC tests within the framework of product approval should guarantee this. Treo - Labor für Umweltsimulation offers its customers the entire testing spectrum for aviation qualification and will be providing information at the AIX 2014 about a newly introduced test system for electromagnetic emission measurements from 10 Hz to 40 GHz, amongst other things. Treo was the very first testing services provider to use the TDEMI X from Gauss Instruments, currently the fastest system available on the market. This reduces testing times to a fraction of the time usually required. This is very efficient, not only for laboratory tests, but also for on site measurements at the customers' premises. In addition to speed, this measurement system also impresses with the additional unique evaluation options for development-based tests.


Innovint develops RFID system for emergency equipment

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) systems have proven themselves as a technology for automatic and contactless identification and localisation of objects. In close cooperation with the Institut für Flugzeug-Kabinensysteme at the Technischen Universität Hamburg-Harburg (Professor God - Institute for aircraft cabin systems, Technical University Hamburg-Harburg), Innovint Aircraft Interior GmbH is working on an established design solution for RFID marking of mobile operational equipment in aeroplanes.

What this may look like is demonstrated by Innovint at their stand in the Hanse Pavilion at the Aircraft Interiors Expo. Various components of the emergency equipment (first aid case, life jackets, oxygen generators, etc.) were equipped with RFID tags. RFID-Ready can be experienced and tested by visitors using a handheld RFID reader. "RFID technology offers itself as a key element for automated implementation of pre-flight checks, for instance, to detect life jackets installed under the seats. This check is currently implemented manually in some cases and can be accelerated by several orders of magnitude if seats are fitted with RFID tags", explained managing director Manfred Gröning.

Work is currently in progress on compliance with certification requirements, questions regarding aspects of process sequences, improvement of safety levels and maintenance, as well as on technical solutions for practical implementation of RFID in aeroplanes.


Arthur Krüger presents Twin-Sheet forming

Arthur Krüger GmbH will be presenting their Twin-Sheet process at the Aircraft Interiors Expo. In this thermoforming variant (deep-drawing), two sheets are simultaneously heated, shaped and welded together.

Current application areas for thermoforming include cladding parts, hoods, glazing or fan guards. In classic processes, just one sheet is heated and then shaped. In contrast, the Twin-Sheet process shapes two sheets at the same time and welds them together. This usually creates hollow bodies with two negative mould halves.

The material thickness can be correspondingly thinner and the materials can even be in different colours, due to the Twin-Sheet process and the resulting higher stability. All current materials can be deep-drawn, just as with the standard thermoforming method.

In addition to the greater freedom of design, the Twin-Sheet method has several other decisive advantages compared to classic thermoforming. The components have a significantly higher stiffness despite identical use of materials. The external geometries are dimensionally accurate on both sides. Fastenings and inserts can be directly integrated and no longer need gluing in. Different material colours are possible on the inner and outer surfaces. The process is also more cost-effective. Nothing needs to be glued or subsequently welded. This saves time and costs.


SCAN gets a makeover and new functions

The Hanse-Aerospace cooperation portal SCAN is getting a new look and new functions. Hanse-Aerospace Wirtschaftsdienst GmbH will be presenting the completely reworked new website for SCAN at the Hanse Pavilion, Stand 6.2, just in time for the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2014. The website not only has a new public image and state of the art technology, a lot has changed behind the scenes as well.

The search algorithms have been improved again. Another 15000 new profiles have also been integrated for those companies certified for aviation. This is a decisive step that has been taken towards making the database a valid source for online searches regarding qualified partners around the world. Max Evers, managing director of Hanse-Aerospace Wirtschaftsdienst GmbH, said "It is thanks to the companies who have built up this portal and believed in it right from the start that we have been able to make such good progress with this portal." This is why the website remains free of charge for those companies. A monthly charge of 50 USD or 38.50 Euro is applied for new registrations.

Turino Piemonte Aerospace is the partner of SCAN at the AIX 2014. SCAN has gained many companies as premium members through this association.

The new SCAN website is of course optimised for mobile devices. As an additional service, a questions portal - the SCAN Agency - is under development where technically demanding questions and project queries can be processed by trained employees.


Philotech demonstrates interactive Moving Map application

The main attraction at the Philotech stand will be the Moving Map Application Framework (MMAF) for the Inflight Entertainment System (IFE). Philotech hereby presents a variable and fully configurable real time visualisation system, which can process and display various data sources for terrain, meta data, web contents and airline-specific information. The latest version of this application supports all graphic-capable mobile devices and the web-based version also supports all current browsers. One component of this interactive software is that the aircraft model can be freely navigated in the three-dimensionally visualised environment. This means the passenger can actively explore the region being flown over, query various types of information (e.g. remaining flight time), view the flight from various close up and distant perspectives, and display city names or other points of interest.


Möbius scans and displays 3D printing live

Möbius Modell- und Formenbau will once again be proving their expertise at the Hanse Pavilion in the sector of laser scanning, and will be doing live scans of components and models. The company will also be displaying components printed on a 3D printer and a device that has been built for their direct stand neighbour Arthur Krüger GmbH. Möbius will have a Moneyfant as a special eye catcher at their stand - a piggy bank based on the popular Ottifant figure created by the north German comedian Otto Waalkes. Möbius played an important role in the development of the Ottifant.


Dräxlmaier presents Dräxlmaier Aviation and Qest

The Dräxlmaier Group, premium supplier to the international automotive industry, will be taking advantage of the Aircraft Interiors Expo to present their activities in the aviation sector. The product portfolio of the newly founded Dräxlmaier Aviation GmbH (DAG) includes seats, interior design and headliners. DAG managing director Klaus Schlarb explained: "We are therefore very certain that we can build innovative aircraft interior designs using the best technologies and materials from the automotive sector and thereby provide decisive ideas for the interiors of aircraft."

DAG will be introducing itself together with the subsidiary Qest, specialising in the development and production of high-frequency antennas. Following the sale of over 650 Ku-band antennas and a large order for Ka-band antenna arrays, Qest is an acknowledged supplier for special antenna systems enabling the use of broadband connections during flight.


Saving weight with the lightweight doors made by 3D ICOM

Visitors to the 3D ICOM stand can find information about a concept for optimising the weight of lavatory and storage cabinet doors. By improving the honeycomb linking and the use of even lighter materials, the weight of each door can be reduced by up to one kilogram. 3D ICOM will also be presenting courses on prepreg processing.


Bieglo presents CoPeek components

The Peek and CoPeek components made by Bieglo are a new feature at the Hanse Pavilion. A whole series of semi-finished products such as films, sheets, rods and tubes made of Peek (PolyEtherEtherketone) can be seen here in addition to granulates, as well as multi and mono-filaments made of CoPeek and its compounds.

The purity of the CoPeek polymers is a prerequisite for the spinning of fine filaments up to a thickness of 5µm. CoPeek filaments can be used in highly stressed applications with high temperatures and in chemically aggressive or highly abrasive environments. The capability of withstanding this combination of extreme conditions makes the CoPeek filaments a preferred material for transport belts, sewing threads, reinforcements for electrical cables and filter components. An increasing number of composite applications can also be produced using CoPeek, such as commingled thread, UL tape or thermoplastic prepreg.


Altran introduces the ICA - the design of the future

Altran is introducing their new application ICA (Interactive Customization Application) at AIX 2014. This makes it possible to rapidly and easily design various cabin configurations in a user-friendly manner. A preview shows a model of the installation space, which can be adapted to specific requirements. A Graphical User Interface, linked directly to the CAD and PLM Systems, allows the user to define the basic types of the cabin elements to be used. The system extracts the necessary dimensions from the layout of the various components and their adjacent structures. An installation model can be generated at the touch of a button and then further optimised. A digital mock-up is generated on the basis of this model. This primarily consists of components which are already built into the airline cabin as standard. New elements can be generated where necessary. A complete set of drawings for the cabin is then directly available.


Test Fuchs introduces new generator testing generation

Test Fuchs will be presenting an innovative generator test bench at the AIX.  It can test all power-generating components that are installed in aircraft types (IDG, AC generators, DC generators, DC starter generators, CSD, VSCF). The greatest innovation in this series in the drive without gears. This is enabled by direct connection between the generator and the unit being tested. The error susceptibility in these test benches is therefore significantly reduced.


FTI introduces the CCSS - Cargo Compartment Surveillance System

The FTI Engineering Network GmbH is introducing the CCSS (Cargo Compartment Surveillance System) as its most recent development within the context of ASVS (Aircraft Security Video System). This system is used for security monitoring of aeroplane cargo holds and can be installed in both cargo and passenger aircraft. HD cameras equipped with special FTI software facilitate clear image playback, even under poor light conditions. The images are recorded with a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) so that they can subsequently be used during clarification of safety critical incidents. As an additional system component, the ground-based Wireless Ground Tool (WGT) enables immediate transmission of aircraft video data to a ground station, e.g. an airline security office. This tool is also available as a mobile version. FTI has also specialised in the development of video surveillance systems in the aviation sector, amongst other things.


asscom Middle-East offers 24/7 on-site technical support

asscom aeronautic support services will be providing information about their on-site service for airlines at the AIX. The company has been providing this service in the Middle East since summer 2013. Support is provided in this sector for on board cabin systems in the aircraft fleet. This on-site support was developed at the request of the airlines and built up in close cooperation with them. The aim is to continuously improve cabin system reliability. The service includes 24/7 engineer availability, regular performance reporting and comprehensive fault analysis, including when the system is active during the flight (Fly Along Service).

The employees are specialists in technical services within the aviation sector. They are intensively trained by the system manufacturers and located directly on the airline premises. Due to this on-site support, asscom is in the position to intervene directly where necessary and ensure the reliability of the cabin systems.

Through the implementation of the asscom Technical Support Teams, significant performance improvements have already been made with regards to system availability and reliability.  This meant that airline customer satisfaction and passenger comfort was improved.

asscom has provided comprehensive technical support for airlines and aircraft suppliers in the Middle East region for over three years now.

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