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15 years of zweigrad design

10.10.2017Companies and Organisations

In the Hamburg district of Ottensen, the innovators at zweigrad have been successfully creating technology for people for 15 years – with passion and conviction.

Founded in 2002 by owners Birte Jürgensen and Timo Wietzke, zweigrad develops complex designs using a structured, methodical design process. People & technology, function & emotion, method & vision...the world of design is full of dualisms, and zweigrad merges these dual concepts into products that make users feel that they are truly being understood. At the same time, zweigrad's slogan "the beauty of understanding" reflects the company's dedicated human-centred approach: driven by their passion for design, the founders strongly believe that people and their needs have to be at the heart of any design process.

In the early days, the designers at zweigrad would have used hand drawings and foam models to gradually create the desired design. Today, zweigrad's expert team - which comprises industry, user experience and user interface designers as well as engineers - uses state-of-the-art technologies such as 3D printing and virtual reality. Irrespective of tools and techniques, zweigrad has always embraced an iterative human-centred design process that relies on prototyping and testing across all stages of the design process - from the initial idea to the implementation of the final design.

As a strategic design partner for large corporations and medium-sized enterprises, zweigrad also provides innovation impetus for clients from various sectors: from medical and lab technology to traditional industry, consumer goods and the transport sector. In the area of aviation, zweigrad designs all types of HMI, such as IFE devices and their graphical user interfaces as well as seating, compartments and entire cabin interiors. As the process of digitisation continues to advance, the Hamburg-based design studio supports clients with its proprietary Ideation Booster format aimed at developing methodical innovations. Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things are changing social and user behaviour at a rapid pace. To master the challenges of the future, it requires innovative power in product development as well as courage and bold ideas.

Over the past 15 years, the zweigrad experts have been able to share their passion for design with their clients and convince them with their ambitious ideas. zweigrad design has received various awards that confirm their courage to innovate and the value of true usability.

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