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05.03.2018 |

“We too are (wind)powering aviation!”

Jörg Spitzner, CEO of Spitzner Engineers in the "Standortpiloten"-portrait. [more]

07.02.2018 |
StandortpilotenCompanies and Organisations

“It’s good to be underrated”

David Kuestner and Daniel Erdelmeier of Synergeticon in the "Standortpiloten"-portrait. [more]

12.09.2017 |

Fine Arts and Mechanical Engineering

Hamburg Aviation Series "Hamburg's Pilots" - Episode 12: Birte Juergensen, industrial designer, engineer and Managing Director of zweigrad [more]

15.02.2017 |

Achim Leder from jetlite: "Fluorescent lights are just not on"

Hamburg Aviation Series "Hamburg's Pilots" - Episode 11: Achim Leder, CEO, jetlite [more]

15.02.2017 |

Nils Stoll: "A fairytale that just doesn't happen any more"

Hamburg Aviation Serie "Standortpiloten" - Episode 10: Nils Stoll, CEO of Krüger Aviation [more]

20.12.2016 |

Jutta Abulawi: "Do something else, too!"

Hamburg Aviation Series "Hamburg's Pilots" - Episode 8: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jutta Abulawi, professor for systems engineering and CAD at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences / vice dean of the faculty of engineering and... [more]

04.02.2016 |

Roland Gerhards: Aviation research is cleared for take-off

Hamburg Aviation Series "Hamburg's Pilots" - Episode 7: Roland Gerhards, CEO, ZAL Center of Applied Aeronautical Research [more]

20.01.2016 |

Ingo Wuggetzer: Happy customers above the clouds

Hamburg Aviation Series "Standortpiloten" - Episode 6: Ingo Wuggetzer, Vice President Cabin Marketing, Airbus [more]

15.12.2015 |

Nadine Sablotny: a mediator between different worlds

Hamburg Aviation Series "Hamburg's Pilots" - Episode 5: Nadine Sablotny, Managing Director HCAT+ e.V., Hamburg Centre of Aviation Training [more]

02.04.2015 |

Jens Romca: A foot in the toilet door

Hamburg Aviation Series "Hamburg's Pilots" - Episode 4: Jens Romca, Partner at müller/romca [more]

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