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Aljo Aluminium-Bau Jonuscheit GmbH

For more than three decades, Aljo has been a proven supplier for machined or sheet metal formed aluminum components, welded parts, assemblies and complex structures in line with the certified aerospace processes. As a build to... [more]


ALTEN Technology GmbH

Partner for Engineering & Consulting [more]



Trust one who has done: Offshore Production Management, Technical Documentation, Engineering Services, Engineering Recruitment, Research & Development, Offshore Consulting. [more]


Altran Deutschland S.A.S. & Co. KG

Excellence is our target, our means are the best engineers we can find, and fun on the way a must for all us! [more]


AM - Allied Maintenance GmbH

Vereinte Kompetenz unter einem Dach! [more]


AMAS Technology GmbH

Seit 1995 ist die AMAS-Unternehmensgruppe in den Geschäftsfeldern Maschinenbau, Automatisierungstechnik, Stahlbau, Schaltanlagenbau und Service tätig. Unser engagiertes Team aus Ingenieuren, Technikern, Meistern und Facharbeitern... [more]


AMM Enterprise GmbH

AMM Enterprise GmbH, an ISO 9001:2015 company, was established in 2015 by a group of senior professionals with the vision of bringing together the German technical edge and the Indian cost effectiveness. [more]


Ampower GmbH & Co. KG

The consulting company Ampower specializes in industrial Additive Manufacturing. [more]


Anwaltskanzlei Mittmann

Anwaltskanzlei Mittmann provides legal consultancy to companies from the aviation industry, which is precisely tailored to their needs. [more]


Arbeit und Leben Hamburg e. V.

Arbeit und Leben Hamburg is non profit organisation working in the field of further education [more]