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Susanne Heinrich
Assistant to the Management
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22763 Hamburg
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Birte Jürgensen / Timo Wietzke
Holders and Management

zweigrad design hamburg - “the beauty of understanding”

Our team of design and engineering experts has been designing technology for people since 2002. Whether it is the design of an enclosure or the design of a graphical user interface, the product’s usability is always our main focus. By combining functionality and emotion we create products people enjoy using as they are instantly understandable.

zweigrad is a strategic design partner and innovator for clients from diverse industries: from medical and laboratory technology, traditional industry and the consumer goods industry to the transport sector. In the area of aviation we design all types of HMI: from IFE devices and their graphical user interfaces to seats, compartments and cabin interiors.

Alongside our iterative Human Centered Design Process – which spans from product, environment and user analysis, systematic brainstorming, concept and design development all the way to producing the first off-tool component – we also create physical and virtual prototypes aimed at ensuring a product’s usability, ergonomics and features.

zweigrad’s Vision Panel unit focuses on driving innovations in a targeted manner. To this end, we continually research trends, develop future scenarios and create design studies. We also offer creative workshops aimed at systematically generating ideas with our clients based on the innovative methodology zweigrad Ideation Booster.This enables us to think outside the box, while at the same time keeping a keen focus on our clients’ development goal.

Our areas of expertise:

  • Industrial Design / Human-Centered Design
  • User Interface
  • User Experience Design
  • Innovation Development / Design Thinking
  • Virtual Reality Prototyping
  • Strategic Design Consultancy
  • Visualisation

Our clients include:
Airbus, B/E Aerospace Systems, German Aerospace Center - DLR, Deutsche Telekom, Jungheinrich, Lufthansa Technik, Lürssen Werft, Makita Engineering Germany, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Sell, Volkswagen AG, Vossloh, Zodiac, and many others.