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Harald Breitbach
Manager Adaptronics
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97204 Höchberg
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Hamburg branch:
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The Wölfel Group offers following products and services relating to the topics of vibration, structural mechanics and acoustics: active systems for vibration and noise control, measurement and monitoring systems, technical software and training as well as measurement and simulation services.

The Company
The company, founded in 1971, is divided into Wölfel Beratende Ingenieure GmbH & Co. KG, Wölfel Wind Systems GmbH and Wölfel Meßsysteme und Software GmbH & Co. KG. The participation in the Belgian company Micromega Dynamics SA enables efficient hardware and software developments in the field of active vibration control. Together with the Lisega SE, a leading provider of pipe support systems, the joint venture Vicoda GmbH was founded as a distribution company for innovative vibrations absorbers.

Our Services
Wölfel relies on over 40 years of industry experience in problem-solving in the areas of structural mechanics, vibrations and acoustics. In such diverse industry sectors as nuclear power technology, wind energy, automotive, civil engineering as well as mechanical and plant engineering, the Wölfel Company offers metrological and simulative methods for detecting and analyzing noise and vibration sources and develops dedicated solutions. Moreover, Wölfel has a distinctive expertise in the field of structural mechanics (statics, deformation and strength calculations). Wölfel also sells specially developed simulation software, e.g. the human model CASIMIR for seat comfort investigations or IMMI for noise emission forecasts. Due to its long-term experience in the field of non-linear numerical simulation, Wölfel supports, trains and offers services related to the Abaqus software package. Wölfel offers know-how in such fields as control and electronics engineering as well as programming close to hardware level, which are necessary for developing active systems as part of product developments. 

Our Products
The Wölfel Company has developed and brought to production maturity various systems for active vibration attenuation and improvement of structure-borne noise acoustics. This includes ADD.Sound® produced and sold by Wölfel, which is successfully used on wind turbines for reducing tonal noise. The joint venture Vicoda GmbH distributes the active damping device ADD.Pipe® for attenuating pipe vibrations. In the area of operations support, Wölfel offers the condition monitoring systems SHM.Blade® and IDD.Blade® used for the detection of structural damage and icing on wind turbine rotor blades. Through these product developments, Wölfel was able to extend its experience in system integration. The underlying actuator-sensor systems meet the stringent technical requirements resulting from the integration into complex systems, and the legal requirements derived from safety and environmental aspects.

Research and Technology Development
A long-term R&D rate of about 10% of the turnover underlines the importance of innovation within the Wölfel Company. As part of the LufoV-2-call, Wölfel has submitted three project proposals on the subject of active vibration reduction of seats and stretchers (ASSSH), multi-sensor multi-actuator network for active noise reduction (MS-MA-Net) and sensors in network applications (SensNet). Most of the product developments that have successfully reached product maturity have originally been started as research projects. For instance, the monitoring system IDD.Blade® used for ice detection on wind turbine rotor blades was developed based on the results of a ZIM project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).

Office in Hamburg
By establishing a company branch office in Hamburg in 2014, Wölfel initiated its long-term entrance into the aviation industry. Taking over the staff of Adaptronics International GmbH allowed Wölfel to gain extensive know-how in aircraft cabin acoustics. As a former employee of the cabin acoustics at Airbus, Mr. Breitbach significantly participated in the development of active systems for the A400M cabin. He also promoted the set-up of a high-level expertise in vibro-acoustic simulation methods within Airbus, which is now systematically used for the cabin acoustic evaluation of future aircrafts programs. Mr. Friedberg worked several years for Airbus in the field of vibro-acoustic simulations determining the cabin sound levels in the evaluation phase of aircraft designs with open rotor technology.