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Test Data Management Systems - Information Management Systems

For over 40 years, Werum Software & Systems has been designing, developing and implementing software products and individual software solutions for customers from fields as diverse as industry, research, trade, media, and public authorities. Based on those years of experience, Werum and its employees designed mature and reliable products and intelligent new developments. As a result, many long-term partnerships with customers developed. Comprehensive IT services complete Werum's spectrum of customer-oriented services. For the aerospace industry, Werum designs and installs complex test data management systems and systems for comprehensive information management. Airbus is one of Werum's key customers. For the German Airbus sites in Hamburg and Bremen, Werum developed test and simulation solutions for electronic and mechanical cabin testing and high lift component testing. The German Aerospace Center (DLR) uses Werum products for its rocket engine test facilities (e.g., Ariane) and for data and document management in areas such as satellite development and microgravitation experiments. For their ground segments, the German Aerospace Center, the European Space Agency and others rely on Werum's technical expertise and solutions for handling, processing, and archiving earth observation data from different satellites.

Products and Solutions

The demanding quality and safety requirements on products used in aerospace applications necessitate a complete and consistent documentation of all aspects of the development, design and production operations including extensive tests and analysis. This does not only ask for PC-based measuring and testing capabilities at local measuring facilities or test beds, but increasingly also for a well-organized data management that is critical to merge the results from multiple distributed sources. Apart from the pure measured values, the system must also make available information about who measured what at what time for what purpose using what equipment with what configuration. And this information must certainly be easily retrievable from virtually everywhere. This is where HyperTest, Werum's platform for test data and information management, comes into play. HyperTest manages measurement data as well as most diverse information about test beds, test results with test procedures and units under test. Besides permitting rapid access to all this data, the system supports the entire test process. Information from the fields of design, development and testing is thus brought together at a single point, and dependencies will also be shown.

The Data Information and Management System for Earth Observation DIMS EO is a distributed software system for managing digital data products, and it is especially suited for earth observation via satellite. It comprehensively supports long-term archiving, product generation from satellite primary data as well as management, delivery and billing of these products, including online user services such as DLR EOWEB (user interface Earth Observation on the WEB). DIMS-EO controls the order processing data flow right through to shipment, which can take place online through the Internet or offline on storage media. Interface components are used to communicate with users, processing systems and external systems. Its multi mission capabilities facilitate to control data from various satellites and instruments and the related processing chains. DIMS EO is a joint development of the German Remote Data Center DFD (Deutsches Fernerkundungsdatenzentrum) and Werum. DIMS-EO components and specific applications are part of ESA's Multi Mission Facilites and GMES infrastructure. Apart from the DLR, users include national payload data ground segments and the geo-information provider InfoTerra.

The Wind Tunnel Control System WTCS is an open control and guidance system for wind tunnels. It features test sequence management, data acquisition, data analysis and data archiving functions. WTCS forms the basis for control and guidance systems that have to meet most different requirements in aerodynamic, climate or supersonic wind tunnels. The system is suitable both for modernizing existing wind tunnels with various sub-modules and measurement systems and for designing and installing open and versatile control systems for new wind tunnels. WTCS has a highly scalable design, both with respect to the measurement technology hardware components and computer infrastructure and to the software components with powerful client/server applications and multi-user capabilities. The modular WTCS architecture enables subsequent expansions without the need for any structural modifications. Special interfaces (APIs) for application-specific software and hardware expansions differentiate the product even further. The characteristics of the system can easily be suited to the needs of specific applications by selecting the appropriate modules. A plug-in concept facilitates the integration of external hardware and software components.

Founded in 1969, the IT company employs 480 people at different locations. Werum is headquartered in Lueneburg (Germany) and has regional offices in St. Augustin and Hausach, both in Germany and in Basel, Toulouse, Singapore and Tokyo. Its subsidiary Werum America is headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey, and has additional offices in Cary, North Carolina, and in San Francisco, California.