Metropolregion Hamburg

Technische Universität Hamburg (TUHH); Institut für Technische Logistik


Prof. Dr. Günter Pawellek
Schwarzenbergstraße 95
21073 Hamburg
Phone: +49 (0)40 42878 3699
Fax: +49 (0)40 42878 2508

Main fields of work are the technical logistics as well as the factory and facilities planning

The Institut for Technical Logistics focuses a practical treatment of scientific problems. Main fields of work are the technical logistics as well as the factory and facilities planning. An object are methods and aids for planning and operation of

  • material flow systems and systems of information
  • the stock and in-plant transport
  • the enterprise logistics, that is the supply chain logistics, product and production logistics, distribution and disposal logistics, maintenance and spare part logistics
  • transport, port and hinderland logisitcs

Development of Integrated Logistics-Planning Systems:

  • Analysis, assessment and optimization methods for the strategy, structural and system planning
  • IT-Tools for modeling and simulation
  • Development and application of decision support systems and planning and assistance systems

Development of Integrated Logistics-Operating Systems:

  • Creation of the functional levels planning, dispatching, coordination and controlling
  • Conception and implementing adaptive logistics-controlling systems
  • Internet-based cooperation and coordination systems

The transfer of research results into practice occurs in narrow cooperation with the Research Institute for Logistics (FIL) and the Hamburg Research Community for Logistics inc. (FGL):

  • Academically qualified advisers and planners of the most different disciplines work in the FIL in the applied research and development in the field of logistics for industrial, commercial and service enterprises.
  • In the logistics-competence network FGLnet different enterprises produce in project-oriented cooperation comprehensive achievements of the industrial planning and logistics.