Metropolregion Hamburg

Stück & Möl­ler Unter­neh­mens­be­ra­tung Part­ner­ge­sell­schaft


Harald Möller / Reinhard Stück
Managing Director / Partner
Lindenbadstrasse 14
72622 Nürtingen
Tel. +49 (0)33201 639641
Fax +49 (0)3212 6489730
Christian Riesenmey
Head Office Northern Germany
Mobile +49 163 4248476

Stück & Möller Business Consulting Service PartG, is holding it's both practices in Potsdam and Nürtingen near Stuttgart offers its services in product and development innovation throughout Germany.

One of our key focus are successful applications for non-refundable grants that support small and medium-sized businesses and their innovation processes and ideas. Due to a greatly expanding network in partners in the field, we can support in finding reliable and well trained work forces that can accompany new processes actively as well as bringing in optimal engineering-knowledge. Our national network provides interesting contacts and helps our small and medium-sized clients to position themselves as a strong global player in the market.

Christian Riesenmey is in charge of our offices for northern Germany and keen to hear from you via email criesenmey(at) or by phone at +49 163 424 84 76.

For more information about our company and founding partners Harald Möller and Reinhard Stück, please visit us at