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PRETECH - Predictive Design Technologies GmbH


Dr. Stefan Reul
PRETECH - Predictive Design Technologies GmbH
Tinsdaler Heideweg 2a
22559 Hamburg
Phone: +49 (0)40 / 811840
Fax: +49 (0)40 / 816861

Virtual Prototypes - No Experiments!

Branches of Business:

  • Engineering in Aerospace and other Branches
  • Computation services, stress reports and optimizations (now with a cooperation partner):

    • Fluid dynamics (CFD) and heat transfer
    • Structure mechanics (statics, fatigue, dynamics, heat conduction, kinematics/kinetics, contact, buckling, crash, optimization, etc.)
    • Development

  • Training 'Virtual Mechanics': Basics in mechanics for future FEM users
  • Training Bewertung von Spannungen: Basics for interpretation of FEM results
  • Consulting and workshops for Creo Simulate
  • FEM- and CFD-Marketing


Aerospace Projects (selection)

  • Analyses at space batteries and fuel cells (NiCd, LiMnO2, NiH2, phosphoric acid fuel cells)
  • Cable conduits for traffic control systems (in concrete and asphalt)
  • Roller track for Airbus A300-600ST ('Beluga')
  • Interior (ceilings, tables, divider, bedrooms, seats, etc.)
  • Airplane engine mount beams (complex optimization with buckling)
  • Radar radome for helicopters (static and dynamic analyses, bird strike)
  • Rope winch for helicopter (static and dynamic analyses / optimization)
  • Cooler for electronic power switches (thermal and mechanical optimization)
  • Deformations and stresses of sensor platforms (contact problems with ball bearings)
  • Temperature hot-spots at space solar generators (radiation and heat conduction)
  • Thermo-mechanical analyses / optimization on solar generators for a Mercury mission (GaAs/Ge cells and OSR's with a CFRP structure)
  • Simulation of parallel gap welding on solar cells (transient, non-linear, heat conduction, ohmic losses and thermo-mechanical stresses, experimental investigations, Si and GaAs)

Aerospace Customers (selection)

  • Astrium, München
  • AZUR SPACE Solar Power, Heilbronn
  • ESA / ESTEC, Noordwijk, Niederlande
  • Jenoptik/ESW, Wedel
  • Honeywell Airport Systems, Wedel
  • MBB Förder- und Hebesysteme, Delmenhorst
  • Rolls-Royce, Dahlewitz