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Dr. Achim Leder
jetlite® - based in ZAL Tech Center  
Hein-Saß-Weg 22
21129 Hamburg
Tel. +49 40 20914439
Fax +49 40 228219169

light to lighten jetlag

jetlite® offers a holistic, algorithm-based approach to increase the comfort of passengers (pre-, in-, and post-flight) by reducing jetlag on long-distance flights. We focus on

  • chronobiologically improved lighting for aircraft, airports and even personalized for passengers before and after the flight,
  • customized nutrition concepts for airline-catering and airport-services, as well as
  • personalized suggestions for passengers via an app regarding sleep-, light- and nutrition-impact, which together form the backbone of this scientifically proven solution.

jetlite® can increase the comfort and satisfaction of passengers while reducing fuel consumption and the workload for the crew on board.