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Hoedtke GmbH & Co. KG

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Thorsten Dittmann
Industriestr. 2-6
25421 Pinneberg
Phone: +49 4101 - 70990
Fax: +49 4101 - 76137

Founded in 1937, Hoedtke GmbH & Co. KG is a medium-sized owner-operated company with over 250 employees at two production plants located in Pinneberg and Kiel. Hoedtke is ISO 9100 certified, and is a contract manufacturer with a highly experienced engineering team. 

Hoedtke is not sector specific and works with most any industry including aviation, automotive, railway, chemical industry, medical industry, research facilities and even with local craft businesses.

The production of Hoedtke is distinguished by a very high degree of vertical integration and range in all areas of sheet-metal processing to CNC milling, welding, forming, finish treatment and others. The products range from simple parts to module assemblies, vacuum technology, and complete turn-key systems. 

Hoedtke is always interested in adopting cutting edge processing technologies. In 1979, Hoedtke was a pioneer in the implementation of lasers into the materials processing sector. In the early 80’s Hoedtke installed the first 5-axis-laser-system. In 2014, Hoedtke continued to lead in the adoption of new technologies, this time in metal additive manufacturing by installing a hybrid additive-subtractive CNC machine, nicknamed “Ironman."