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Handelskammer Hamburg
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representation and self-government of the economy of Hamburg

The Chamber of Commerce has been the representation and self-government of the economy of Hamburg for more than 340 years. Once founded by merchants, today, we are a public law body. In this way, we are enabled to take on sovereign tasks which public authorities would otherwise be responsible for.

All Hamburg tradesmen, except for craftsmen and freelancers, count among our members - more than 170 000 companies. Due to legal membership, we are able to represent the interests of all companies and branches - unlike industry associations and employers' federations. We support our members in three strategic fields of action:

  • As a customer oriented service provider, we give advice to entrepreneurs and support our associate companies. Helping others to help themselves is our leitmotif.
  • As political lobbyist, we develop the economic framework conditions in a liberal and friendly way for small to medium-sized businesses. We oppose to individual interests and leverage the overall interest of commercial economy. We are political but not attached to any political party.
  • As independent arbitrators of the market, we assume our legal functions and enable fairplay in economy, for example in terms of professional education or by means of extrajudicial settlement and prevention of dispute. In this way, we relieve the state and provide a smooth economic cycle.

More than 700 entrepreneurs are voluntarily involved, approximately 300 employees work for our Chamber of Commerce in the competence fields of economic policy, infrastructure, business start-up and development assistance and company support, basic and advanced vocational training, stock exchange, innovation and environment, international trade and legal affairs and fair business practices.