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FormTech GmbH
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FormTech is expert on sheet metal forming at ambient and high temperature and on diffusion bonding

Conventional sheet metal forming as bending, deep drawing and elastomer forming are as well in the scope of FormTech as high temperature sheet metal forming like hot forming, hot drawing, gas pressure forming and Superplastic forming. Focus for all of the hot forming activities is on "hard metals" like Titanium, Ti-alloys, Ti-aluminides, Steel- and Ni-based alloy.

Diffusion bonding is applied on Titanium and Steel alloys for two main product lines:

  • "Solid bodies" with optimized functionality built up from few thick plates and/ or built up from a pile of foils.
  • Cellular structures for light-weight design built by Diffusion bonding and following expansion by gas pressure forming

Formed or Diffusion bonded parts made by FormTech provide substantial benefits regarding cost, weight and efficiency for the customers. FormTech is partner of the aerospace, engine, automotive, medical and general industry. Products with complex shape and/or high efficiency made from hard metals is our mission. Our target is to provide best value products with demonstrated and verified cost and weight savings.

We are partner in R&D programs on a National and European level. FormTech is pioneer in hot forming of heat resistant Titanium-Aluminium (TiAl) -alloys.

Current topics of R&D work are:

  • Near-net shape parts to save titanium resources
  • Introduction of hot drawing of Ti-alloys to cut cycle times
  • Industrialisation of hi quantity production for hot forming and SPF, e.g. Tie rods made from Ti6-4
  • Forming properties of Ti6-4 ELI foils with t ~0,2 and of TiAl sheets
  • Diffusion bonding of heat exchangers with very high heat flux
  • Diffusion bonding of near net shape material for leading edges with better erosion resistance
  • Cellular structures for "Noise reduction" and for "Laminar flow"