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Altran Deutschland S.A.S. & Co. KG


Karnapp 25
21079 Hamburg
Phone: +49 (0) 40 79 71 56 0

Excellence is our target, our means are the best engineers we can find, and fun on the way a must for all us!

With 20.000 employees worldwide including more than 3000 aerospace & railway engineers and more than 900 of them in Germany, we secure the success of our customer using the synergies of our worldwide expertise networks. We offer innovative solutions to complex challenges, bringing the right competences into the right project as well as extensive technology know-how, leading our own development initiatives and being a rewarding completion of our customers' teams.

Altran is the largest EADS Partner in Engineering (E2S), as well as in Information System (MAC IT): this long-standing, truthful and successful collaboration is the guaranty for our customers. Our Aerospace and Railway division covers the entire development cycle of OEMs, suppliers, MRO companies and airlines.

Altran supports its clients in the design and development of new products and services and has been advising market leaders from the fields of automotive, aerospace, railway and transportation as well as telecommunication, energy, finances, and healthcare for over 30 years. All these years, we are and have been gathering best practices across those major industries: offering systematic innovation to our customers and providing opportunities for both the personal and professional development of our colleagues at each stage of their career path.

"Making this world a better place, while doing high-level technological work"