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Become a member of the Hamburg Aviation Network

The Hamburg Aviation Network is where companies, universities, research and training institutions, authorities and aviation associations connect.

Benefit from business contacts, exclusive events, workshops, cooperative projects, joint marketing activities and that most priceless factor of all, the exchange of expertise and experience.

Make new business contacts

We support you as you create valuable new business contacts. And not just locally, but internationally as well. Get to know potential business partners at our events, along with the companies and organisations of other Hamburg clusters. Use the network of European aviation clusters, EACP, to find partners for international cooperation.

Gain access to support

We provide advice and support for economic support programmes, whether in terms of financing or in the search for industrial and commercial real estate. We also keep you informed about current projects being supported by the federal government or the EU, and tell you how you can take part.

Secure a knowledge advantage

In order to increase the practical use of scientific discoveries, we are working together with the Helmut Schmidt University of the Federal Armed Forces Hamburg (HSU) to develop a systematic knowledge management system for our members and partners.

We also organise workshops, specialist groups, symposiums and lectures on current issues. You are invited! As a member, you will also receive invitations to events organised by Hamburg Aviation’s partners.

Benefit from joint public relations activities

We support your company with joint PR and marketing activities. We also provide brochures on Hamburg Aviation free of charge.

We advertise the Hamburg Aviation brand nationally and internationally. As a member, you benefit from the brand when you incorporate the logo in your business stationery and advertising materials.

Make your company visible

Our newsletter and website are perfect information platforms for your issues. List your business in our companies database, and use the newsletter and website to inform the industry about events, research findings and important news.

Support projects that serve the location as a whole

Contribute your expertise to support Hamburg Aviation projects. Together, we strengthen the competency areas of our location and undertake measures to secure specialist personnel, benefitting all of us.

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