Metropolregion Hamburg


As part of the "Hightech Strategy" the Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) is funding the internationalisation process of the aviation industry in Hamburg. Hamburg Aviation develops a suiting strategy together with all the cluster members along initialising international missions for connecting members with future cluster partners worldwide.

The internationalisation strategy focuses on intercontinental target regions such as Québec (Canada) and shows feasible options for action. The internationalisation process consists of a conceptional and an implementation phase. The conceptional phase has started in early 2016 and involves the elaboration of a common strategy developed by all Hamburg Aviation cluster members.

Workshops and next steps

Hamburg Aviation members have teamed up with employees of ZAL (Center for Aeronautical Research) to develop strategy workshops for the cluster members. In the first workshop on April 14 members were encouraged to analyse seven potential international target regions for future collaboration.

As Montréal/Kanada is already set and has been visited in April with a delegation of members, Evora/Lisboa and San José dos Campos (Brazil) were carved out in a second workshop. As a result, the cluster has now three regions to focus on. On 15. September the members of Hamburg Aviation have concluded their strategy for their internationalisation process. The developed measures shall be fulfilled until 2020.

Please download the summaries of the workshops via HAv-Connect "Documents".

You can also request them via E-Mail.

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