Metropolregion Hamburg

Working Group Hamburg Aviation WoMen

Hamburg Aviation WoMen is the first (and to date only) specialist working group of the Hamburg Metropolitan Region’s aviation cluster. Here, women and men involved in various roles in the aviation industry work together on a voluntary basis on the issue of diversity. The working group has set itself the target of increasing diversity in the aviation industry and of demonstrating the advantages of diversity. In particular, the group aims to see more women land in aviation in the form of female career entrants.

Six "destinations"

Hamburg Aviation WoMen focusses on Hamburg Aviation's six fields of activity: Research & innovation, Securing specialist personnel, Organisation, Community, Location, and PR & marketing. Amongst the central challenges are clearly communicating the attraction of an aviation career to women, easing their entry and progress in research and development, and making local further training programmes and lectures accessible for them. Overall aims include enhancing the women's "we" feeling and the networking and communication between them, taking advantage of synergies, and promoting career development.

"Flights" and "Pilots"

These and other issues are discussed by the Specialist Working Group at numerous events with aviation-related names: At the very popular "Scenic Flights", some 50 women and men take part in workshops twice a year, where they discuss and interactively develop appropriate measures based on the next goals ("destinations"). Every two months there is a "short flight" for informal networking and catching up.

Members of the Specialist Working Group play a defining role in these gatherings; they are, so-to-speak, the "pilots" of these flights, contributing their competence als engineers, scholars, marketing experts and aviation entrepreneurs.

Mentoring and Network

It is difficult for the aviation industry to find female recruits. The lack of role models at home and in the circle of friends and acquaintances, school teachers who did anything but provide motivation, and the prevalence of clichés and prejudice against women in technical professions mean that, to this day, only very few girls and young women decide to pursue a career in this exciting field.  The few that overcome these obstacles, meanwhile, find themselves, from time to time, up against massive problems in their studies or as they begin their careers.

This is something that the Hamburg Aviation WoMen working group wants to remedy. The cure of choice begins with mentoring for female students, apprentices, and trainees. Beyond this, the group promotes networking and mutual support amongst the students and those working in the industry, providing platforms and networks for the purpose. Those coming to the industry from a different field also receive additional support, helping them to quickly gain access to attractive career opportunities. Last, but not least, the focus is on the next generation: with the help of lectures and projects for schoolgirls, Hamburg Aviation WoMen is aiming to win even the very young for the aviation industry.


The network's future appointments can all be found in the Events Calendar on this website. If you are interested, get in touch with the Hamburg Aviation Office at any time.