Metropolregion Hamburg

Go-Cluster Project "Chemistry Meets Aviation"

Hamburg Aviation and the Bavarian chemical industry network, Chemie-Cluster Bayern, are jointly developing a service portfolio that makes it easier for members of each of the two clusters to get in touch one another and initiate new business partnerships and collaborative projects. This cross-clustering initiative goes by the name of “Chemistry Meets Aviation”.

The goal of the initiative is to familiarise aviation companies from the Hamburg Metropolitan Region with the innovative approaches of the Bavarian chemicals industry, and to bring companies from the two clusters closer together within the framework of matchmaking events. The core themes consist of “aircraft design & aircraft systems & aircraft production”, “cabins and cabin systems”, and “maintenance and repair”. 

Within the framework of the project, Hamburg Aviation members gain access to new technologies and partners. Value creation chains in particular are being made more transparent and regulatory hurdles are being removed. The initiative allows members of Hambug Aviation to become familiar with products hitherto unknown in aviation and to evaluate their potential. For the 270 members of Chemie-Cluster Bayern, the collaboration provides valuable information on the certification and application of chemical technologies in aviation; this information is normally not accessible to small and medium-sized enterprises operating on the basis of their own resources. 

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