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Joachim Zuraw
Director VM Aerospace & Defence
Schenker Deutschland AG
Niendorfer Str. 172
22848 Norderstedt
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Silvia Belina

Air freight service for the aerospace industry
DB SCHENKERaeroparts is a logistics service specially geared towards the needs of the aerospace industry and offers you tailored service packages.
DB Schenker commissioned experienced aerospace specialists to develop DB SCHENKERaeroparts. This service stands for the reliable completion of the design, development, production and operational requirements for:
• Airlines
• Aircraft operators
• Aircraft and engine OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer)
• Component manufacturers
• Repair and maintenance providers (MRO)
• Component wholesalers

DB SCHENKERaeroparts provides al logistical services around an aircraft lifecycle.
Supporting the needs of OEM and Airframer for production logistics as well as Operators and MRO for any after sales support. Logisical Services are Transport solutions by Air, Ocean, Overland (Road & Rail) or Contract Logistics / Supply Chain Management by either managing customers warehouse ad stocks or providing own capabilities in shared as well as dedicated warehouses. For the aerospace industry we also provide so called aero-hub solutions for suppliers who need their goods in limited quantities at strategic valuable locations.